When you are trying to sell a home, one of the most important things to do is stage.  I am surprised by the number of homes that aren’t staged at all and or improperly staged.  Staging doesn’t just mean to clean and get rid of all of the clutter inside, but rather to make your home seem larger, brighter, warmer and simply more attractive for the general home buyer.  Just because you like how your home is furnished and decorated doesn’t mean everyone else will.

Cleaning and or decluttering doesn’t really fall into the staging category but are simply pre-staging activities.  You would be surprised how many homes do not get a good cleaning and decluttering prior to sale.  Sometimes I walk into a house and am in disbelief that a house would even be put on the market, because the simple tasks like cleaning, decluttering and simple repairs haven’t even been completed.  You must give your house every chance to sell.  Another task you should complete is to paint the rooms with a nice warm neutral color and or colors.  Try to appeal to the majority instead of a select few.  Repainting kids rooms where you might have used pink and or royal blue is necessary.  Also, make sure you get all of the stickers off the walls!

Staging does not only include the inside of your home but the outside as well.  Your curb appeal plays a major factor in selling your property.  I would suggest going outside and determining what jumps out at you, and then i would get some friends to make their opinion as well.  You want to appeal to the majority of people and not just a few.  Maybe you need Painter for the exterior, or shutters?  Maybe you need more color or plants in general.  Definately make sure the lawn is properly maintained and landscaped.  One of the most important spots to pay attention to is the entry way.  Make sure everything is touched up nicely, whether it is painting or removing spider webs.  If you have a old worn door mat, think about replacing it with something new and nice looking.  It is one of the first things people see!  Also, some nice potted flowers could be a great touch.

To a lot of families, the living room and dining room are VERY important.  You want your potential buyers to envision themselves entertaining and sitting with their families.  You do not want to have your own family portraits up and or anything that lets the buyers know this isn’t their home.  You want them to feel like it is their home!  You may want to think about renting furniture for nice updates.  If short term furniture hire in perth isn’t in your budget then think about slip covers for your sofas and other ideas along those lines.  Once again, do not clutter the rooms.   One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen.  A huge mistake is clutter in the kitchen.  Try to take off as many items from the counter as possible.  If this means taking your microwave off the counter, then do it.  Make the kitchen as bright as you can.  Open blinds and turn on lights.  If you have some money to spend then definately upgrade the countertops and or cabinets if they are outdated.

Without going into too much detail the most important things to focus on are removing clutter, making your house as bright and as spacious as possible.  One small tip for making a room look larger is to use a mirror.  Buying new towels for your bathrooms and or new bed coverings in your bedrooms could really add a nice touch as well.

Do as much as you can without breaking the bank, and remember that even in a sellers market, staging is a huge plus.  It will help your home sell faster and for a higher price in any market.

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