When you drive down the street and see all of the new construction homes going up, instead of going into the office and touring with the in house real estate agent, you should bring your own. It is just like when you hire the listing agent to represent you in an ordinary transaction. Do you think that listing agent is going to have your best interest in mind or will they be conflicted? The agents inside the new construction offices are paid to get the highest price for the developer and could care less about getting you a good deal. Bringing in your own agent will ensure you negotiate the best deal possible, which includes getting extras and upgrades. Your own agent can also help you determine the best new build for you and your family because they will be unbiased to the different developments in the area and will give you information on the builders and community features that would suit you best.

Aside from negotiations your own agent can help you determine if the builder’s financing is competitive and fitting of your needs. If your agent can get you better financing you could end up saving a lot of money in the end. It is always good to shop different lenders and not just go with the builders in house lending.

When it comes to new home inspections, the in house agent will most likely try to steer you away from getting an inspection by telling you the home is brand new and there are no issues. It is however quit common for defects to come up in inspections on brand new homes, and your agent will help you find a good inspector for new homes and you will ultimately have greater peace of mind.

Usually you must bring your agent upon your first visit and they must sign in with you, or you will not be able to use them. Call me today if you would like more information and or help buying a new home! There are many great new communities in Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Wildomar, Corona and Temecula!

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