If you are tired of lugging around your old Supra ActiveKey then you do not have to anymore! GE came out with an “eKEY” that works for many of the smart phones out today such as blackberry, android, and iPhones.  Before you renew your yearly ActiveKey subscription you can sign up for your eKEY which costs around 14 dollars a month for service.  The eKEY costs about 50 dollars and attaches to your phone turning the bluetooth into an infrared signal, which will then open supra electronic lockboxes when paired with a phone application that you download.  You simply keep the eKEY on your keychain and use it when needed.  This is particular good for agents who HATE when their activekey runs out of charge ALL THE TIME.  You don’t have to forget your activekey at home anymore while you leave it plugged in to keep charge!

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