Only a month after a new bridge plan was announced to span over Salt Creek and connect Goetz to Railroad Canyon / Newport, a fatal accident occurred from the creek overflowing onto the current stretch of road. The Inland Empire has been pounded with rain during the last week and on Wednesday December 22nd the storm intensified and Salt Creek started raging over Goetz road near the east gate of Canyon Lake. Usually when the creek is overflowing onto the road, the street is immediately shut down with concrete blockades and police cars, however somehow a motorist was swept away into Canyon Lake off the road. I suppose nobody knows exactly what happened, but supposedly the individual tried to cross the fast flowing water and was swept away. I have heard that it could have been a sudden surge in the creek water level or it could have been a traffic accident of some sort.

Regardless of how it happened, this is a sad time and I feel for the family and friends involved. This hits very close to home, as this stretch of road is right around the corner from my house. I travel the road daily and this accident will hopefully remind everyone to be extra careful crossing the creek.

The new bridge should stop this from happening again, as well as connecting east bound traffic on Railroad Canyon Rd to Goetz Rd.

Source: Injury Law Services in Kentucky Hughes and Coleman Law Firm.

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