Menifee is a newer town only being incorporated in 2008 as it split off from Sun City.  Since 2008 Menifee has exploded with new malls, shops, and restaurants however the largest project of them all is still in the works.  A new town center is being planned which is going to be spread out over an initial 13 acres on Newport drive near the 215 freeway.  Krikorian Premiere Theatres’ has plans to install the state’s largest movie theater screen at 100′ tall and and 54′ wide movie screen along with 15 smaller theaters.  Each theater is going to be built with luxury seating and dining and drink service.  Along with the theaters the plan will have bowling lanes (22 lanes), gaming areas (including laser tag), and many restaurants and bars.  One of the main attractions will be a sports bar type restaurant with a 60×45′ screen for sporting events and other shows. 

The new town center in total will be 172 acres and it will contain a new civic center and will be the new government hub for the city.  There is so much that is going to be built and I am betting on the development igniting a building frenzy along Newport Dr which will raise real estate prices throughout the area.  If you can invest I would consider Menifee as a top prospect!  Contact me for more details.

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