Fishing is the main reason a good number of people move to Canyon Lake.  With the community being fully gated and guarded there is very little pressure or “poachers” on the lake, which in turn keeps the fish populations higher.  The majority of seriously fishermen in Canyon Lake fish for largemouth bass and practice catch and release with artificial baits.  It is not uncommon to see Canyon Lake listed as a city for anglers fishing big tournaments around the country.  I am simply trying to emphasize how great fishing is here in Canyon Lake!  

To many, a 10 lb bass is a catch of a lifetime, however in Canyon Lake a 10 lb largemouth bass is not THAT uncommon.  While showing a waterfront home to a client one day I spotted a monster bass on it’s spawning bed during spring.  I was extremely excited to try to fish for it, and went out right after my showings.  Although I did not catch it, I let a client of mine know about the location and he was lucky enough to land it the next day.  The fish weighed slightly over 12.5 pounds (in picture above with client) and was completely spawned out.  This means that the bass could have pushed 15lbs as it was incredibly long with a massive head.  If that fish doesn’t get you excited to live here, then I do not know if any fish will! 

If you have any questions about baits, fishing locations and or the best home locations on the water please contact me any time.  If you do not want to call or text I can be reached on my website chat.  I am always happy to talk fishing and real estate.  

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