About the Program

  • Boat Inspection Program began June 1, 2010
  • Boats that do not leave the community require no action
  • Boats leaving the community for gas or offsite storage can get a Service Seal installed between the hours of 9:00am & 5:00pm’ by stopping at the East Gate Quagga Inspection Station
  • When a Boat with a Seal returns to the community they can enter through any gate
  • All boats without a service seal must enter the community via the East Gate
  • All boats without a service seal must complete a Canyon Lake POA Boat Inspection Form
  • All boats without a service seal must be inspected or receive a quarantine seal for inspection at a later time

Tips for speedy inspection

  • Make sure your boats plug (s) are removed
  • Make. sure your boat is clean, dry and free from any vegetation
  • Make sure your trailer is clean, dry and free of any vegetation
  • Make sure all the ballast tanks, live wells and internal compartments are dry
  • Have the Canyon Lake Boat Inspection Form filled out ahead of time

To download a boat inspection form click HERE

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