Search engine optimization is not the most fun thing to do however it can be the most powerfull strategy you implement to increase website hits. Increasing website hits ultimately gets you more clients in this internet based society.

If you have followed the many steps to optimize your search engine placement you should start to see your google pagerank rise after a couple of months. Usually when your pagerank rises your website will show up higher in organic searches, which gives you better exposure to potential clients. Google pageranks range from 0-10. Anything greater than a 3 is pretty good!

It is my understanding that google ranks pages based on the usefulness to users. This “usefulness” is based off various things ranging from the amount of content you have, the amount of incoming links your site has, and the amount of visitors (just to name a few). If your page has a lot of visitors, that tells google that “people like this site therefore it is useful”. If you have a lot of quality and original content then google views that as good information to help users. Another thing that helps is having incoming links to your site. The more links you have from other sites coming to your own the more google thinks that your site is popular, and is recommended by others. A good thing to do is to exchange links with other real estate blogs.

If you are struggling with the whole “SEO” thing then just concentrate on the following tasks.

1. Write as many original and quality blog posts as possible.
2. Swap links with as many blogs as possible, that are in the real estate field. (most people put the links in a simple blogroll)

An example of a blogroll would be here ( This is from my website.

The above is just a VERY basic introduction to “SEO”, but it should help you with your priorities.

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