I moved to Canyon Lake primarily for bass fishing, however my wife thinks I was being nice to move near her family, so I will stick with that story.  I show a lot of waterfront homes in Canyon Lake which all have docks and water frontages.  Buyers generally like to walk around and check out the water and the dock, which I am all for as I can scope out any large bass.  One nice and clear day during the spring bass spawn I spotted a incredibly large bass spawning on its bed.  I mentioned it to my clients however they were not bass fisherman so they could not possibly have understood the severity of the situation.  Unfortunately I had to go to Orange County later that day so I would not be able to immediately target the fish.  I called up my fishing friend from San Diego whom also has a condo at the Canyon Club villas with a bass boat ready to go on a lift and he immediately drove up.  I was at dinner in Orange County and I got a text and I immediately knew what it was before even turning on my phone.  It was the bass…. It weighed in at right under 13 lbs, however it was completely spawned out and could have easily gone over 15 before it spawned.  Check it out!  This is my friend gloating… There are big fish in Canyon Lake and this is just one of the stories!

kevinsbass kevinsbass2

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